Post-Baby Weight Loss Journey – Weeks 4/5

I missed Weight Watchers last week as we had a BBQ instead – yep I know, great reason! So today was my first weigh in for 2 weeks.

This week I lost 2lb! That’s an average of 1lb each week and I am more than happy with the loss. I haven’t been overly ‘Weight Watching’ this week, but then again I haven’t gone mad eating junk. I’ve gone for a couple of decent length walks and have been babywearing quite a lot which really helps burn the calories!

My top tip for this week would be to only have ‘snack’ food in the house that you know the points values of and are allowed to eat. If you have a 10 Pro Point chocolate bar in the fridge you will one day eat it and regret it! Instead, I have 2 finger KitKats (3pp), Olives (1pp for 10), Morning Coffee Biscuits (1pp for 2) and Rich Tea Biscuits (1pp). This means that I always have snacks on hand that I can afford to eat without feeling guilty about!

Today also marks my 5% weight loss since starting Weight Watchers. I have lost 5% of my body weight and I am starting to feel the difference. Pre pregnancy clothes fit me – some more snugly than others!

These are my current statistics:

Pre-Pregnancy Weight: 10st 5.5lb

Starting WW Weight: 12st 3lb

Today’s Weight: 11st 8lb

Ultimate Goal: 10st 10lb

First Goal (5%): 11st 8lb

Total Weight Loss: 9lb

Total Weight Left to Lose: 12lb

Pro Points Per Day: 26 + 14 Breastfeeding Points = 40 Pro Points

Post-Baby Weight Loss Journey - Weeks 4/5

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