Post-Baby Weight Loss Journey – Week 8

This week I lost 1.5lb!

After a few weeks now of not making much effort to follow the Weight Watchers plan and not tracking what I eat I can safely say 2 things – My lifestyle has definitely changed since starting Weight Watchers – my eating habits are a lot better than when I wasn’t on Weight Watchers and also breastfeeding is really helping the weight loss.

I hear it all the time “breastfeeding didn’t help me lose weight” but realistically how much are you eating when you breastfeed?! I know from my own experience that when I’m not ‘dieting’ and am breastfeeding I eat a hell of a lot, most of which I don’t even acknowledge I’m eating – biscuits, cake, bigger meals than usual. Why? Because I’m breastfeeding, I need to eat more. The fact is the breastfeeding uses calories, quite a lot of calories. But the amount people can eat while breastfeeding when they’re not paying attention to their eating habits is ridiculous – I could easily go through a packet of biscuits in 2 days.

Moral of the story – breastfeeding does aid weight loss. This is a proven fact. But you have to also be having a healthy balanced diet – otherwise no, you will not lose weight when breastfeeding.

I now only have 1.5lb to go to have lost my first stone! Amazing!

These are my current statistics:

Pre-Pregnancy Weight: 10st 5.5lb

Starting WW Weight: 12st 3lb

Today’s Weight: 11st 4.5lb

Ultimate Goal: 10st 10lb

Total Weight Loss: 12.5lb

Total Weight Left to Lose: 8.5lb

Pro Points Per Day: 26 + 14 Breastfeeding Points = 40 Pro Points

Post-Baby Weight Loss Journey - Week 8

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