Post-Baby Weight Loss Journey – Week 6

This week I lost 1lb!

To be honest, I’ve been eating what I like this week and not really tracking it at all – I don’t think I’ve used my Weight Watchers app once! But I have done A LOT of exercise. Anyone that knows me knows that I don’t exercise. Pre-babies the most exercise I did was walking to and from my car! Since having babies the most exercise I’ve done is walking into town and back every couple of weeks. This week, however, I spent 3 hours cutting our 60ft hedge, I walked into town and back with both babies in the bus of a double buggy and I’ve had a few other trips out where I’ve carried my chunky monkey in the sling. All of this has definitely helped this week!

Three days after having LM, when we got out of hospital, I weighed myself and was 12st 7lb. Today I am a stone lower than that! 🙂

These are my current statistics:

Pre-Pregnancy Weight: 10st 5.5lb

Starting WW Weight: 12st 3lb

Today’s Weight: 11st 7lb

Ultimate Goal: 10st 10lb

Total Weight Loss: 10lb

Total Weight Left to Lose: 11lb

Pro Points Per Day: 26 + 14 Breastfeeding Points = 40 Pro Points

Post-Baby Weight Loss Journey - Week 6

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