Post-Baby Weight Loss Journey – Week 12

This last week I have eaten quite a lot of naughty food (This seems to be a recurring theme, doesn’t it?!) We had KFC earlier in the week and had lunch in Prezzo another day. I think a little bit of naughty food isn’t too bad for you and you should definitely allow yourself treats.

But… We managed to get through at least 2 packets of biscuits this week too. Rich teas and ginger nuts. There I was thinking I had enough ginger in my life, obviously not 🙂

I went to weigh in this morning…..and….. I lost 1lb! Woohoo!

So the moral of the story is that if you fancy a biscuit, have one! Just make sure you don’t take the whole biscuit tin into the lounge with you when you’re watching TV. The tin will be empty before you know it!

I have now lost over 1st on this Weight Watchers journey and have under half a stone to lose. I am on the home straight and looking forward to being at my goal weight. However, my goal weight – 10st 10lb – is the very top of my healthy weight range. Ideally I would like to be a bit less than this – I’ll give myself a new goal once I’ve got to this first goal. 6.5lb to go!!

These are my current statistics:

Pre-Pregnancy Weight: 10st 5.5lb

Starting WW Weight: 12st 3lb

Today’s Weight: 11st 2.5lb

Ultimate Goal: 10st 10lb

Total Weight Loss: 14.5lb

Total Weight Left to Lose: 6.5lb

Pro Points Per Day: 26 + 14 Breastfeeding Points = 40 Pro Points


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