Post-Baby Weight Loss Journey – Week 11

So last week I put on 1.5lb – it was the first time I’d put on weight since I’ve been back on Weight Watchers and it was all because of LP’s Birthday and a humongous Birthday Cake!

This week I definitely didn’t eat as much cake – I still had a slice all two though – you can’t deny yourself anything on Weight Watchers, everything in moderation if your points will allow.

I also walked a bit this week, not a huge amount, just a couple of trips into town and around the shops. We’ve also eaten better this week, planned meals and not snacked so much or eaten convenience food.

This week I lost 2.5lb!

Incredibly happy, lost my gain from last week and a little bit extra! Roll on next week, I have my weight watching mojo back!

These are my current statistics:

Pre-Pregnancy Weight: 10st 5.5lb

Starting WW Weight: 12st 3lb

Today’s Weight: 11st 3.5lb

Ultimate Goal: 10st 10lb

Total Weight Loss: 13.5lb

Total Weight Left to Lose: 7.5lb

Pro Points Per Day: 26 + 14 Breastfeeding Points = 40 Pro Points

Post-Baby Weight Loss Journey - Week 11

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