Playroom Storage and Accessories from The Works

*This is a collaborative post

One half of our lounge is dedicated to the children and we use it as a playroom. Actually, they have pretty much taken over the lounge, and there are toys, books and games literally everywhere we look – even long after the children have gone to bed.

I have been looking everywhere for storage solutions and in doing so I came across not only great storage options but accessories too from one of my favourite local stores The Works.

You can never have enough storage boxes and we like to organise all of the toys into different boxes so the children know where their favourite toys are and can pack them away easily once they’ve finished with them.

I love buying boxes that are a little different – and also different sizes to store as many different toys as possible. Craft storage is also really important and something we really do need to invest in.

As far as accessories are concerned, every playroom needs funky lights, a money box or two and it wouldn’t be the same without a fairy door! We actually have a fairy door already but I couldn’t resist adding one onto my list as I think we could happily have one in every room in the house – especially as the children love waiting for the fairy key to disappear, knowing then that fairies have moved in!


One day our playroom will be a well organised, brightly coloured space with a place for everything. For now, it’s a bit of a mess but I’m hoping that with a few well chosen storage products and a couple of bright and funky accessories it will give the room a big shift in the right direction.

*This is a collaborative post


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