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It almost pains me to say it, but in just a few short months our Little Man will be two and it was at this age that we decorated his sister’s bedroom so think it’s only fair to start thinking about his big boy bedroom at a similar age.

Little Man’s bedroom started off as his sister’s room and he inherited it when he was born. It’s in a very neutral jungle theme with a huge mural on one wall that was in the house when we moved in. I’m at the point now where I can think of a room without the mural in it and the one theme that I love at the moment is a blue nautical theme with accents of navy and red.

Wherever I go, I see boats, anchors, flags and other things that remind me of the seaside, beaches and the freedom to set sail and go wherever life takes you. This is definitely my favourite theme for Little Man’s room and one that I am starting to plan, ready to decorate his room in a couple of months.

Planning Little Man's Big Boy Bedroom

I’ve been looking for inspiration for a nautical themed bedroom everywhere online, have been scouring websites, shops and Pinterest, looking for the perfect bits and pieces for our Little Man. I am hoping to put him straight into a single bed, keep his wardrobe and invest in some new toy storage. Our rocking chair is going to a good home with a friend and I’m looking forward to moving his furniture around and making it into a really lovely room just for Little Man – rather than a baby room he inherited from his sister!

Do you have themes for your children’s rooms? What design did you end up deciding on?

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  1. My little man is 28 months old and he is still in cot bed. I haven’t thought about converting him into a big bed just yet to be honest because he is comfortable in his cot bed. Might do it in April maybe.
    At the moment he has a Winnie Pooh Theme in his room and he still loves it. I don’t plan on changing it really only until the age he realises “mummy I am too old for this now, can I have this and that on the wall”.

  2. Bless him, can’t believe he is going to be 2. Can you believe that we went with a vehicle theme!! I was given some vehicle wall stickers that I have running around the walls looking as if they are driving up and down hills etc. I wrote a post ages ago about cheap ideas for a boys bedroom – making mobiles and using wrapping paper to make pictures. They are still all up in Monkey’s bedroom.


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