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I love to always plan ahead with the children’s clothes, buying at the end of winter for the following winter and the same at the end of summer as well as always making sure we have a supply of warmer or cooler clothes in the wardrobe ready for those typical British unexpected days.

Melijoe have just released their Autumn/Winter clothes ranges and I have enjoyed looking through for LP and Little Man’s next wardrobe, loving the varied designs and finding items that I know will suit their style.

For any season I love having clothes the children will be comfortable in, ones for a special occasion an tops and bottoms that they can mix and match as well as clothes that layer well – t-shirts, long sleeved tops, jumpers of different thicknesses and a good quality coat to suit the weather.

If you’re looking to get ready for the change of seasons in the coming months then Melijoe have some great options for autumn and winter to suit all ages of children from birth upwards – I just wish LP and Little Man would still fit into some of the gorgeous teenie all in ones I’ve seen on their site!

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