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I have always had cats in my life and since Dave and I have lived together we have had cats living with us. Due to Dave’s shifts, and now my working hours and having children too life has obviously got busier. We have more things to do each day and less time to do them – or so it seems. One thing that is always hard to find the time for is going to the doctor – but not just for us, but finding the time to take our cat to the vet too.

PawSquad - The New Online Vet Service!

Obviously for serious things and emergencies we would take the cat to the vet immediately but what about the things that are harder to find the time for? If your pet is being fussier with it’s food, if flea protection doesn’t seem to be lasting as long or if there’s something in your pet’s behaviour that plays on your mind. When would you find the time to take your pet to the vet for these less serious things?

Well, this is where PawSquad come in. PawSquad is a service of video vets on demand. You can register your pet online and talk to a vet online from 6am until midnight – making it the perfect service to fit around your typical working hours and childcare restraints.

PawSquad - The New Online Vet Service!

PawSquad Video Consultations offer focused veterinary care without having to leave your home and the vet is able to interact with you and your pet and offer advice and support to help you make the right decisions for your pet.

A 15 minute video consultation with a RCVS qualified vet costs just £15 and you can get your first consultation free using the code REDHEAD – this is valid for the first ten readers who sign up. Once you have started using PawSquad all your pet’s medical notes will be viewable online so you have a record of the previous consultations at your fingertips.

PawSquad can work alongside your existing vet and are always happy to offer a second opinion. Where necessary they can contact your vet to let them know what advice they have given and pass across your consultation notes for a seamless service. If you don’t have a cat or a dog don’t worry – PawSquad can be of help for any small, furry pets!

If you’re looking for a service that will stop you having to visit a traditional vet as often and a service that you can use from the comfort of your home, whatever time of the day then PawSquad may be the service for you. Next time you have a problem with your pet give PawSquad a go and see how well it will fit into your lifestyle.

You can find PawSquad over on Twitter, Facebook or direct on their website.


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