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How are you spending your lockdown? I’ve learnt to focus on each day at a time and then, without even realising it, the days pass and the weeks follow. But how do you get through those days?

For me, lockdown is a simple thing. I spend the vast majority of time at home. Wearing loungewear and focusing on doing the children’s school work with them, keeping the house clean and tidy and making meals.

We have a really good routine which I think helps the days pass swiftly. I try and get as much of my work done whilst the children work as possible. Then, when school has finished for the day we all relax.

I spend time reading – often laying on my bed in my joggers or on the sofa whilst the children play games around me. When I really focus on a book I can get through it quite quickly and love all the places that books transport me to.

Other times, I’ll just get lost in my phone. Scrolling through social media, playing a game or browsing Pinterest for house update ideas. There’s always something to look at, research or plan.

I find that cups of tea help the days go quicker. Don’t know what to do? Make a cup of tea. Have a few minutes to pass? Make a cup of tea. Feeling a bit down from lockdown and the pandemic? Yep, make a cup of tea. It really does help. A nice, snuggly, loungewear set and nice cup of tea is pretty much my answer for everything.

Right now the days are long and it can be hard to see the way through. I definitely find it best to focus on short chunks of time. If a day seems to long, I look at getting through until lunch, and then dinner time after that.

I know some people plan their days into hours and I can really see how that would help. I hope, as time goes on, the days pass easier, the weeks look brighter and we have more things to fill our time.

But for now, I am focusing on the simple things. Living in pyjamas or comfy clothes, reading, scrolling on social media, watching TV, pottering at home, planning food shops and just getting through. Passing the time doing not a lot at all.

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