Pass on Outgrown Baby Clothes with Mothercare’s #GiftABundle Campaign

Looking back, I held onto the children’s baby clothes for far longer than I needed to. Their loft was full of storage boxes full of tiny baby things and endless vacuum bags of baby blankets and other things that I just couldn’t bear to be parted from. And it seems I am not alone – new research released today by Mothercare and Hubbub reveals that the country’s parents are hanging on to huge amounts of baby clothing, long after their little ones have grown up – it works out as 250 items of baby clothing for every baby born in the UK this year!

I know there are some things I will never get rid of – the children’s first sleepsuit, their first pair of shoes and anything else with sentimental value but, the survey of 2,000 parents found that seven in 10 parents of children aged under 18 still have baby clothes that their children have outgrown which they will no doubt never use again.  On top of this, over half of parents with their youngest children being teenagers are still holding on to baby clothes – and unlike me, they often have boxes full of them and not just the odd baby item.

Pass on Outgrown Baby Clothes with Mothercare's #GiftABundle Campaign

This year, with Mother’s Day coming around quite quickly, Mothercare’s #GiftABundle initiative is asking parents to gift quality unwanted baby and children’s clothing to other local families who would really appreciate them. Over the next four weeks you can donate bundles of clothing for children up to three years old at selected Mothercare stores across the UK. The clothing will then be beautifully gift-wrapped and distributed to other local families – a beautiful gift for those in need.

Pass on Outgrown Baby Clothes with Mothercare's #GiftABundle Campaign

The research found that 93% of parents liked the idea of the baby clothes their children wore going to help a local family in need and so Mothercare are making that happen. Many parents have already donated some of their children’s outgrown clothing to charity shops (83%), sold them (51%) or passed them on to friends and family (83%). But, a third of parents said they had thrown baby clothes in the bin because they needed the space or didn’t know what else to do with them – and #GiftABundle can turn that waste into something really worthwhile for another family.

Pass on Outgrown Baby Clothes with Mothercare's #GiftABundle Campaign

I hate waste and love doing a good deed. This initiative sounds like such a great idea and means that young children in need can have a lovely gift of clothes that would otherwise be left gathering dust or thrown away. If you’d like to make someone smile, give something back or just declutter take a look at the #GiftABundle website for more information and to find your nearest participating Mothercare store.

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  • This sounds like a great idea. I am really bad for hoarding the children’s things and when we moved recently I had suitcases filled with their old clothes which I ended up donating to charity. I will have to check to see if they do this in our area as my little boy is just about to move up a size in clothes so we will be getting rid of lots more soon x

  • I love this idea! I have put safely away all the items that mean something to me from the girls. When we moved house before Christmas I had a good sort out, as I had got behind with getting rid of Holly’s old clothes. I will take a look where our nearest one is, as I would love the clothes to go to a good home x

  • Oh gosh, how sad that people throw them in the bin when they could still be used. We always pass ours on to a charity shop – we often buy things there too. They grow out of them so quickly it seems like the best thing to do.