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Once kids come into the picture, the entire family goes haywire. Once upon a time planning a vacation seemed to about fun, but, now it stresses you out because there are so many things to take care of. The dietary recommendations, the small planning schedules, their schools, their development, their doctor’s appointments, everything seems to stop you from going all out on vacation.

If you can manage all those things and still find time for a vacation, you shouldn’t have to worry about the family vacation spots. So, here are some family vacation ideas for parents who want to travel with their kids.

1 – San Diego Zoo, Indiana

The San Diego Zoo is one of those things that every Californian loves. It’s for a good reason too. One of the largest zoos in the country you can encounter a lot of different species here. Check out the kangaroos and the cheetahs, or try a bonding session with an elephant. The San Diego city is also famous for its parties and colorful life. Check out the local historical monuments while you’re there, and see the different places where the city has progressed.

Remember to visit the old book shops, a reminder of an America coming into being, and most of all don’t forget the zoo. The kids would love the different activities at the site, and there are quite a few. The zoo would also provide them with the necessary knowledge about wildlife which can inspire them to study it further.

2 – Miami

A beach vacation often seems like a waste of time to people. It’s a lengthy procedure to get out of the sandy beaches and not bring sand back to your home. However, Miami seems worth it. The tropical feeling here cuts through miles of sunny beaches. You can let your kid built a sandcastle, and other things while, they play around. Or maybe go for a swim as a whole family and enjoy playing in the water.

Remember to visit the nearby children’s museum which leads the way to the kid’s jungle island trip. Also, see the attractions in and around Miami which includes the Everglades National Park, a unique wetland formation that supports a unique ecotype of creatures.

3 – Millennium Park, Chicago

One of the parks which have recently made a lot of noise is this park. Filled with art installations and new age scientific marvels, this is the perfect place for you to hang out with your kids. The area offers you a look at the Cloud Gate sculpture (also called the Bean), plus, many fountains which make faces right back at you. Try out the several family activities around the park, and have fun with your child. The fact that the Millennium Park is in a city filled with structural marvels is just one those things that would add to your trip. Check out the local monuments and try to feel the history of the Americas while you do so.

4 – Atlanta. Georgia

The underwater aquarium brings thousands of families each year to this place. Let your kids interact with the sharks roaming around, or see the beautiful colors of the local fish life.

Remember to try out the interactive exhibitions at the World of Coca-Cola and go to the various film sites. If you have a film buff as a kid, they would be pleased to know that there is a specific horror and zombie film site tour available. All of Georgia also boasts of a robust and hearty cuisine, meaning you’ll have beautiful food throughout your journey.

5 – Los Angeles

The city of theme parks. Los Angeles boasts enough things for adults and kids to do that it makes for a great excuse to go on a vacation. Adults and kids love the experience of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, with the Hogwarts being there, and a multitude of activities and specific things to try out.

Los Angeles also holds the best family vacation spot in history, a little place called Disneyland. Disneyland is a perfect dreamland for you to engage in play with your kids. Discover the favorite princess and princesses acting out life, or try out the various rides that are available. Once you negotiate an alone time, go to Beverly Hills to check out the stars’ homes, or give the world-famous restaurants dotting the city a try. The nightlife is also amazing here, so, parents who want to let their hair down a little can live it up here.

6 – Maui, Hawaii

Yes, Hawaii was on your list when you were planning your honeymoon. Maybe, you made it there, or you didn’t. But, Maui is one of those tourist hotspots that make the entire family’s trip successful. The famous adventures of snorkeling and scuba diving are there, but, you can add a journey to understand marine biology to that idea. See the fish in their natural habitat and wonder at the different colors of the sea. Maui also has some of the most brilliant places for you to have seafood, and enjoy your life in the signature style of Hawaii.

And if you’re looking for an excuse to go for a boating trip, the trip from Wailuku often gets you a glimpse of sea turtles in their natural habitats.

7 – Branson, Missouri

Toys and theme parks! Branson knows how to live up to the expectations of a kid. With the largest Toy Museum of the World being situated here, and different rides and explorations available younger kids can have a field day here. For the older ones, there are theme parks where you can find rides and a lot of fun too. Play around with your kids, and find out new facts about their favorite toys as you explore the museum, or try one of the many rides available to go back to your school days.

*This is a collaborative guest post


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