Our 2019 Bucket List

Each year I write a Bucket List of things that we would like to achieve, places we would like to visit, things we would like to learn and things we would like to spend time doing. It’s really a tick list of prompts to give us some little aims for the year ahead. You can see our last year’s Bucket List and how we got on here, and here is my bucket list for 2019:

Some of the things on the list I’ve carried across from last year and others are things that we’ve thought of over the last few months. One thing you may notice is that there are no big house plans on this year’s list. The last few years have been full of extension plans, decorating, garden renovations, new bathrooms … and because of that we put our loft conversion on hold and decided that this year we would have a year off from house stuff and instead focus more time on making memories, going places, travelling and being together.

I’m really looking forward to everything 2019 has in store for us. What are your plans for the year?

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  • What a great list. It sounds like you have some great plans.
    Learn trapeze! Wow! You will have to blog about about that. I would love to see how you do! I imagine it being a lot of fun.

  • What a fab bucket list, there’s a couple in there which are also on mine ☺️
    I don’t live too far from Telford and Telford Park is amazing for kids to get adventurous. I’m also originally from North Wales, and if you do ever visit Snowdonia I highly suggest a day out in Beddgelert, and Greenwood Forest 🌳 xx

  • Oh I feel like you should spend a weekend in York, then travel North and stop at Durham Cathedral (they filmed some indoor Hogwarts scenes for Harry Potter here) then stop at the Angel of the North. THEN head up to Alnwick and spend the night there. The following day you can visit Alnwick Castle which in my opinion is one of the best Harry Potter sites in the UK (where they shot outdoor scenes at Hogwarts). You can take part in broomstick lessons included with admission. Then continue North to Scotland 🙂

  • Lots of fun ideas here! You should tick off seeing the sunrise soon, you don’t have to get up too early to see it at this time of year 🙂 Hooray for trapeze, I’m so up for that!