Nominate Your Local Hero to have a Pork Farms Pop Up Party! #PopUpParty

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We all have people that we love to shout about – those that go above and beyond. There are the people on the school PTA who make sure each and every school event is a huge success, raising money for much needed school equipment. There are the people are work who are always there, who you can rely on to do anything that is needed of them and who have made themselves a figure of the local community through charity work, fundraising and shouting about causes that need a voice.

Now Pork Farms are giving something back to those people, the local heroes who act so selflessly for the things they believe in and their constant acts of kindness that are so appreciated. No matter whether your local hero is part of an organisation, an at home do-gooder or staple figures in the wider community, Pork Farms want to hear all about them – and they could potentially be thrown a Pop Up Party in their honour!

So if this makes someone stand out in your mind – an unsung hero that really deserves a pat on the back and some recognition for the selfless things that they do – nominate them now. And if your nominee is a winner you’ll also receive a cash prize of £200!

Over the last two years Pork Farms have had some fantastic nominations – from young carers, to community groups giving up their time to better a local cause, to life savers and staff who take great pride in their role at some of the country’s biggest organisations. No good deed is too big or too small, so if you have someone or a group of people in mind that deserve a Pop Up Party – complete with food, drink, entertainment and a gathering of their closest friends, then nominate them today. You can find more details on the Pork Farms Pop Up Party website.

*This is a collaborative post


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