New Boilers and Building Work

We had been planning an extension but weighing up the work involved as well as the cost we decided to do some of the work bit by bit before getting the actual extension built. This has led us to investigate getting a new boiler and the house rewired – although that is a job for another day.

This year’s main job was always to get Little Man’s big boy bedroom sorted out and whilst planning his room, and deciding to get rid of the jungle mural, I decided that I would like to get rid of the airing cupboard to make more space which is great timing as we’re planning a new boiler too.

New Boilers and Building Work

Our new boiler is going to go in the loft to save space and I have decided at the same time to get a chimney breast removed from ground up. This is a lot of work and not a cheap job but it will make Little Man’s room feel bigger as furniture will fit in more places and we won’t have the chimney breast of wasted space. It made sense to get the ground floor chimney breast removed at the same time.

We are also taking the opportunity to skim Little Man’s ceiling to get rid of the artex and do the same in the hall – then our home will be nearly artex free! We are also thinking about using decorators for the first time as we just don’t have the time between us to decorate any more – it has always been my job to paint rooms but in between childcare, Dave’s hours, my working hours and general family life we just don’t have the resources to decorate.

We have two weeks holiday in May when this work will be done and before then I have to empty the loft and declutter the house generally. When we return we hope to have a newly painted lounge, hallway and Little Man’s room ready to put all the furniture back into and add all the finishing touches.

After that our next job will be to get new carpet for the stairs, hallway and bedrooms. This will have to wait until we save some more but we’re in no rush – ever since I dropped paint down the stairs we have wanted to replace the carpets but we hardly notice it now.

So there you have it, our next couple of months of home plans. I’ll keep you updated with the progress!

6 thoughts on “New Boilers and Building Work”

  1. Sounds like a big job! Hope it all goes as planned. I feel your pain with the artex, we only have one room without it! But when we eventually get round to decorating the house how we want it, I will be getting rid of it bit by bit, haha!

    Annas Reflection

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of work! All quite big plans, too, sounds like they’ll make a real difference. We used a decorator for the first time last month, as we were struggling to get it done ourselves, and it was well worth it. Problem is, it’s spoiled me for future decorating jobs, too, as he did it so well and to such a good standard! x

  3. I Like his mural though it’s cute. Sounds like you’ve got a lot going on your house, but when you have finished it will be great and I love the fact whenever I read about your home that it is evident you are creating your forever home.

  4. Gosh it’s hard work this decorating lark. We have found it’s much easier to just pay someone to come and get on and do it. some people only charge £60 for a days work so it’s money well spent in my eyes! Look forward to hearing the progress xx


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