A New Active Lifestyle – Polar Loop 2

Over the last few months I have fallen into a bit of a rut – I have stopped running, I eat all the food on offer and I don’t move much at all. It’s a rut that I am keen to get out of before Christmas – and I am getting Hubby to join me too!

Polar sent us each a Polar Loop 2 and Heart Rate Monitor and it has given us the kick we need to get active again and start doing more. The Polar Loop 2 is a waterproof activity tracker that tracks your daily activity, movement and even sleep. It promises to make us move – and that is exactly what we need.



Hubby has never used any kind of activity monitor in the past but I have used a few and so I’m interested to see how Hubby gets on with the Loop 2 as he has nothing to compare it to. For me, after a few days of use, I’m impressed – it definitely ticks a lot of boxes.


So Hubby and I are on a mission, and we’re not waiting until January for it. We have set up our own daily activity goals and we started a week ago. The aim is to get healthier, maybe lose some weight and generally increase our fitness levels. So far we are on a learning curve and some days are definitely harder than others – especially when it’s raining!


I’m going to go back to running, Hubby will be doing the school run on foot more often and we are both hoping to get more active – and get the kids involved too. I think more trips to the park are in order. I’ll give you an update in the New Year to let you know how we’re doing.


Disclosure: We’ve been sent the above products to review over the next few months however all opinions are my own.


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