Never lose a thing with Neatlynamed

I can’t be the only parent that is constantly looking for things, wondering where one of the children put their other sock, their cup or that beloved toy. But things ramp up a notch when they go to school, when belongings can end up anywhere and when you have even less control over keeping things safe and making sure your child comes home with everything they went to school with in the first place – not wearing someone else’s shoes or missing their cardigan.

To get the children ready for the return to school Neatlynamed sent us their Back2school XXL Value Pack of labels, personalised for LP. The labels arrived quickly in an envelope that fit through the door and LP couldn’t wait to stick them everywhere!

Never lose a thing with Neatlynamed

The XXL Value Pack contains labels for absolutely everything a school child will need to label. It has 30 Small Name Labels and 20 Mini Labels which are all self-adhesive as well as dishwasher and microwave safe. They can be stuck to pretty much anything and are perfect for drinks bottles, lunch boxes and even stationery.

Never lose a thing with Neatlynamed

In the set there are also 20 Small Shoe Label Protectors which work alongside the Small Name Labels, letting you label plimsols and school shoes. The label protectors stick easily over the labels and stop them getting worn away by sweaty feet!

Never lose a thing with Neatlynamed

My favourite part of the set is the Peel ‘n Stick Clothing Labels which stick straight onto the tag in clothes and as they are washing machine and tumble dryer safe they don’t need to be replaced or written on again and again. They are hardy and such a necessity for school – they really make labelling clothes an easy process!

Never lose a thing with Neatlynamed

But, if you have more items that need labelling or like the labels to have a more traditional feel, the set also includes Large Iron on Labels which are also washing machine and tumble dryer safe.

The set also includes a bag tag that you can stick a name label on to keep a rucksack or book bag safely labelled. This attaches easily and is really well made.

All of the Neatlynamed labels are easy to stick on, stay really well affixed and are hard wearing and durable. I have no worries about them standing up to school life and LP is already trying to find other things to emblazon with her name.

I’m sure that LP’s belongings will stay safe when she’s back to school – and everything will come back home with her each day thanks to her name being so securely in place on clothes, drinks cups, shoes and even pens and pencils.

The Neatlynamed Back2school XXL Value Pack has an RRP of £26.45

Never lose a thing with Neatlynamed

Disclosure: I was sent the above product for the purpose of this review and compensated for my time however all opinions are my own.


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