Never Forget a Birthday again with Gift Wink

Have you ever forgotten a Birthday? I know I have, and since becoming a parent I seem to have more Birthdays to remember and yet forget so many more too. I have calendars, lists and everything else and yet I seem to still forget so many occasions. This is where Gift Wink comes in – the brand new birthday reminder and gift list service, all on one dedicated website.

Never Forget a Birthday again with Gift Wink

Once registered with Gift Wink you are prompted to add birthday reminders for literally everyone you want to remember. You record their name, relationship to you, their date of birth, gender and even interests.

Never Forget a Birthday again with Gift Wink

All the birthdays are then shown on a birthday calendar, in the order that they’ll need to be remembered and even showing gift suggestions. From here you can see click to see a full list of gift ideas and any wish lists that you’ve created too.

Never Forget a Birthday again with Gift Wink

From the extensive range of Gift Wink gift ideas you can add things to wish lists for each person on your birthday calendar but also for yourself. I’ve had a great time browsing the Gift Link gift ideas and adding things to my own list.

Never Forget a Birthday again with Gift Wink

The gift ideas on Gift Wink are all great quality gifts that are just a little bit different. They’re something individual, unique and nothing like the typical things you would find on the high street. Gift Wink makes it simple to buy gifts through the website and you know with each gift that you’re finding something perfect for the recipient and no doubt something that won’t already have either.

When buying gifts through Gift Wink you’re redirected to the retailer’s website for a seamless transaction. It would be great if, in time, you could add things to a basket on Gift Wink and then check out in one go but at least this way you get to experience the individual retailers too.

Gift Wink now reminds me of any upcoming birthdays and lets me shop for gifts at the same time – as well as putting together wish lists too. It’s the perfect platform for gift inspiration as well as reminders and is definitely a service I will be using going forward – anything that makes life easier is a good thing for me, especially as it works well on mobile too!

Never Forget a Birthday again with Gift Wink

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  1. June 15, 2016 / 4:41 pm

    I have a tendency to forget what day it is so attempting to remember birthdays is a hard task! Fantastic idea though, love it!

  2. June 15, 2016 / 11:30 pm

    Oh, I totally need this in my life, I am so useless at remembering birthdays. My lovely friend sent such gorgeous gifts for my girls’ birthdays, she even sent them something after my husband’s accident and I need something to remind me of her little girl’s birthday.

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