Nets Kingdom, Trolls and Gin Flavoured Chocolate #LittleLoves

Some of the items featured in this post were provided for us to feature. I’ve added a * next to those items for reference.

This week has been all about LP’s birthday, with her party last weekend and so many adventures this week. It’s been a pretty nice week and so here are a few things we’ve loved about it:


I haven’t read anything this week. Maps at tourist attractions?! Must try harder.


For LP’s birthday at the start of the week we went to Go Ape’s Nets Kingdom. I stayed on the ground and watched the children – and Dave – climbing, sliding and having a great time. You can watch their adventure here:


As one of of LP’s birthday gifts she got her very own CD player from her grandparents along with a few CDs. Since then we have listened to the Trolls and Frozen soundtracks on repeat – it was clearly her favourite gift!

This is one of her favourite songs too:


The most I have made this week has been long journeys! But, I have spent the time well, using it to write, edit videos and even email – thanks to our car’s built in wifi! Sadly the car goes back later today but I want to keep it forever!

Nets Kingdom, Trolls and Gin Flavoured Chocolate #LittleLoves


I haven’t worn anything exciting this week – I even spent LP’s birthday in jeans and Converse! I’ll try harder with this next week.

and lastly…

Anyone that knows me knows how much I love gin so this set of chocolates was pretty much made for me. The gin chocolate tastes like gin too! It was so, so good but I was nice and shared it with Dave. I’m putting more similar chocolates on my birthday list!

Nets Kingdom, Trolls and Gin Flavoured Chocolate #LittleLoves

Have a great weekend everyone – it’s a quiet one here to catch up with washing, clean the house and get ready for school on Wednesday!

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  • Oh man, my children and husband would love the Go Ape Nets Kingdom. They love a good outdoorsy challenge (while I watch from the ground!).
    I’m very jealous of the wifi in the car. I could have down with that when our 4 hour drive home turned into 7 hours earlier this week! xx

  • Go Ape looks amazing! We bought G a CD player for christmas and she hides in her bedroom listening to all her favourite songs. It was definitely a good purchase! We love Trolls and the soundtrack is great {G has it} I think I like it more than she does! How amazing to have a car with built in wi-fi! I could get so much work done when I am a passenger! Have a wonderful weekend. Popping over from #littleloves

  • Wifi in the car would be my idea of heaven (and the kids) for long trips! And that gin chocolate looks pretty amazing too! Glad LP had a lovely birthday. Hope school goes well for your two this week x

  • You had a car with built in wifi? Amazing! You sound like me with not wearing anything that’s photograph worthy! I’m trying harder this week too (and failing currently ;)). Trolls is amazing isn’t it? We all love it here! xx