Naps… Or Lack Of

LP never used to sleep. It took hours of rocking and shushing and pacing and crying and pleading and hoping and hugging and more to get her to sleep until she started sleeping through at about 15 months old. LP then slept religiously from 7:30pm until 8:30am every night, hardly ever needing to be settled again. She would also have a two hour nap every day after her lunch. This lasted for 4 months.

Those 4 months seemed ‘normal’ – it felt like that was the way it had always been. It’s funny how quickly things change when you’re a parent isn’t it? How quickly you forget the previous phase and how things used to be. When LP was 19 months old she started to try and drop her nap. She would lay in her cot chatting to herself and wouldn’t sleep some days – but this was rare – once a week at most. The Little Man arrived and LP moved into her big girl room. From then LP has been consistently refusing to nap. She’ll happily spend two hours laying in bed talking to herself and repeating words that she has learnt that day – but not napping. It started off as not napping for two days then having a nap, then she wouldn’t nap for 4 days and then would nap.

This nap roulette has continued until now. LP has now refused to nap for 2 weeks. 2 whole weeks! Luckily LP is completely happy to lay in her bed, chat to herself and practice her words for up to two hours each day to give me, and Dave, a bit of a break.

26 months old and no more naps. I honestly thought that we would get a few more months of naps before LP decided to stop napping. But that obviously wasn’t meant to be!

LP still sleeps from 7:30pm until at least 8:30am – She didn’t get up until 10:15am the other day and that was only because I woke her up! I think I now have a 26 month old teenager who liked to sleep late every day, especially weekends!

Has your child stopped napping? How did you deal with it? Any tips? Can I make LP nap?!

Naps... Or Lack Of

6 thoughts on “Naps… Or Lack Of”

  1. Hiya,
    My toddler dropped his nap just after baby arrived. He was 18.5 months … Just refused to sleep, not even nursing to sleep worked so I just make sure he has ‘quiet time’ in the afternoon. He conked out in the front room on my mum the other day for a little snooze as he’d done some serious walking but that was a real one off.

    Children all develop differently and she sounds like Zakariya, he’d prefer to sit practising his words happily for hours.

    Can’t offer much help but know you are not alone having an early nap dropper 😉

  2. My son recently dropped his nap, a few months before his third birthday. I think I’ve resigned myself to it now, but I found it hard to accept, as naptime was a time when I could do some (self-employed) work. For a while he just played in his room during that time, which was great, but now he shares a room with his little sister I fear his noisy playing would keep her awake while she naps. So we end up just having telly time and I try to ignore the sound of Numberjacks in the background while I try to get on with some work…

  3. I think I’ve now resigned myself to the days of no napping. As you say, Lp is happy and fine without so I can’t force it on her – it’s just the next change in our lives. Thanks so much for reading x


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