My Diet Journey – Putting on Weight and Losing it Again!

I started my diet journey years ago. I have only ever used Weight Watchers to diet, but always did it for a few months, lose at most a stone, and then start eating to excess again.

I have been overweight really for the last 7 years. I met Hubby and got ‘content’, we’d go on dates to restaurants and the have three courses, or we’d go to the cinema and have full fat drinks, popcorn and chocolate! Then as our relationship progressed, we moved in together. We had less money as we had a mortgage to pay, so we would have nights in – a DVD with microwave popcorn, crisps and chocolate, or a take away. Pizza with wedges or chicken wings followed by a tub of ice cream.

Before I knew it I was over 12 stone and only 5ft 4 tall. I was engaged and wanted to be slimmer for the wedding. So I started Weight Watchers and went to a few exercise classes. I got down to 11st 2lb which is a comfortable weight for me and felt great on our wedding day.

After the wedding my weight started to creep up again. It carried on creeping up until January 2011 when I went for my booking in appointment with the Midwife a couple of months into my pregnancy with LP. I had to be weighed and I was 79kg. A whopping 12st 6lb. I didn’t look like I weighed that much, the midwife was obviously surprised and told me I was classed as obese because of my BMI and that I’d need to have a glucose tolerance test. I didn’t want one of those, so I asked if I could weigh myself again. I took off my hoodie and trainers and scraped through within the ‘Massively Overweight’ category rather than the ‘Obese’ one.

But that cemented it for me. I was clinically technically obese. How awful.

I pushed that fact to the back of my mind for the duration of my pregnancy, and I ate. I ate and I ate and I ate. I would get a drive-through breakfast on the way to work most days. I would take a packed lunch to work with me but I’d get peckish afterwards and buy a couple of bags of crisps and at least one chocolate bar along with a 500ml bottle of full fat Coke. Again, this was most days. At home I’d drink full fat drinks, I’d have pudding regularly and I’d eat whatever I felt like.

Then LP was born. I got on the scales the day after she was born so that I would know in the future how far I had come. 29th August 2011 I weighed 14st 7lb.

This is one of the few photos of me from then. It was taken 3 days after LP was born on our first outing with her.

My Diet Journey - Putting on Weight and Losing it Again!

After I had LP I was in my new Mum bubble. It was all about me and LP and learning the ropes of Motherhood. I didn’t even think about my weight until the New Year and I am glad of that. I survived on chocolate biscuits and cups of tea in those first months. I had coffee dates with friends in coffee shops and always had cake. I am so glad that I didn’t care about my weight at that point, I had so much more going on as a new Mum that making an issue of my weight would have been too much to handle.

But in January 2012 there was a new Weight Watchers meeting starting up close to where we live. So I signed up on 9th January 2012 weighing 13st 7lb. I had lost a stone since having LP through breastfeeding alone. From there my diet journey took a turn for the better

I set a goal at the top of my Weight Watchers ‘Healthy Range’ at 10st 10lb and really started to look at what I was eating. My goal seemed so far away that I thought any little things I could change about my diet would make all the difference.

We drank only skimmed milk, we only drank sugar-free squash and soft drinks and we weighed everything we ate. Having Hubby doing Weight Watchers with me really helped keep my motivated.

Most weeks I lost between 0.5lb and 2lb and I loved the feeling of losing weight. A few times I stayed the same weight and one week I put on 1lb, but most of the time I was very focused on losing weight. I didn’t exercise apart from my usual walks with LP in the pushchair and still made sure I had regular treats – I had a chocolate biscuit or something most days and had puddings or good naughty food once a week or so.

Because of breastfeeding LP I was allowed an extra allowance of 14 points a day to compensate for the extra calories that LP was using. When she started weaning, this allowance reduced to 7 points a day. I have to say that the weight loss benefits of breastfeeding really aren’t publicised enough.

The weeks ticked by and my weight gradually decreased and I felt great! On 25th June 2012, 25 weeks after starting Weight Watchers, I reached my goal weight! I have gone from a size 18 after having LP to a small size 14 – I will soon be a 12 again.

This is one of the most recent photos of me that I have – I will take a more recent one soon!

My Diet Journey - Putting on Weight and Losing it Again!

If you are reading this, and you have concerns about your weight, then give Weight Watchers a try. It isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle choice and I will live my life the Weight Watchers way forever now. I would like to lose a little bit more weight – 10st is my next goal and it should be easily achievable.

I am so glad that I have got to where I am but there are a few things that I wouldn’t do any differently. I am glad I ate the way I did during pregnancy. It is the only time I have eaten exactly what I have felt like and not felt any disgust or guilt. I really enjoyed those 9 months and I know that next time I have a baby I will do the same thing, I will eat exactly what I like. However, next time, I will have Weight Watchers in my life. The things I will eat won’t be chocolate bars and crisps every day! I have a lot more fruit and veg in my life now!

I also appreciate the months after I had LP. I think as a new Mum, with your emotions all over the place and a new life to care for, your weight should be the last thing on your mind. I’m glad that for me, that is how things were.

I know next time I have a baby I will put weight on – I will never step on a set of scales during pregnancy, I don’t think that’s healthy at all. But I know that when I have a baby in the future, I will weigh myself the day after, I will enjoy the following few months with my baby, and then I will turn to Weight Watchers and start my weightloss journey all over again!


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