My Charm Story

Back in June my lovely friend Steph wrote all about her Pandora charm bracelet and tagged me to write about my charm bracelet too. I remember getting my Thomas Sabo bracelet when we lived in our old house, before having children and before we even got married. It was something I had always wanted, something I could imagine adding to over the years and something that I hoped I could one day pass down to my future children.

My Charm Story

Dave bought me my charm bracelet for a birthday gift and along with it I had a D charm – for Donna, obviously. Since then I have also got a W – for our last name – and the collection has just carried on growing.

Two of the first charms I got were handcuffs – because Dave is a Policeman – and a guitar as, at the time, Dave and I loved to play Guitar Hero – it was a big hobby of ours then and took up many, many evenings.

On our wedding day Dave bought me a pearl charm with a tiny heart on it and for our first anniversary he got me a charm that has two rings, an engagement and wedding ring charm. Both are favourites of mine and ones that just mean so much.

My Charm Story

We bought an aeroplane charm on the way back from our honeymoon in Mexico, a Las Vegas sign from the Thomas Sabo shop in the Venetian hotel on the Las Vegas Strip on our ‘before children’ holiday and the Eiffel Tower when we were on holiday in Paris.

When the children were born Dave bought me a pram charm that has moving wheels and I also got a My Girl and My Boy charm for each of the children too.

My Charm Story

Last Christmas I got a black cat charm to remind me of our boy cat, Luke, who died suddenly last year. He didn’t have white paws but the significance is there and it’s now one of my favourite charms.

My Charm Story

Then I have other charms that I just really liked – a star, as I love stars, a gingerbread man as he’s just so cute. Another Christmas present charm was my snowflake and I got the birthstone charm for my birthday one year. There are a few more too that I just liked – a key, the card suits, a four leaf clover and probably others too.

My Charm Story

And, lastly, there’s a laptop charm. That opens up and everything. Because I’m a blogger – and it wouldn’t be the same without a blogging charm really, would it?

My Charm Story

To carry on this charm bracelet love I’m tagging Sarah, Maria, Sarah, Amy and Sarah to carry on with their own posts celebrating the charms on their bracelets. I can imagine doing this post again in years to come with even more charms on my bracelet!

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  • Love that you have a laptop charm!! This is a lovely post, all those little memories. My Nana has passed down her charm bracelet to me and I love it so much, it was always intended for me but she wanted to have the chance to see me wear it so she gave it to me earlier this year. They are so precious xx

  • Haha only you would have a laptop charm! What lovely charms – I love the stories behind them! Funny how such a small piece of jewellery can hold so much sentiment. Thanks for completing the tag xxx

  • I love this! How long have you had it? If you only started with one letter and now have this many, you must have had a charm for every birthday, mother’s day and Christmas every year. I love it! Something like that is full of meaning and it makes your bracelet so special for you, your family and it can be passed down to the children. Perfect piece of jewellery x

  • Oh my goodness you’ve got loads! I don’t really wear jewellery so it would be wasted on me but it’s a lovely idea. I love that you’ve got a blogging one too, it’s only right for Queen blogging machine 😉

  • Oh I love this post Donna, I have a pandora charm bracelet that I never ever take off and I love it so much as each charm tells a story. I loved hearing the stories of your charms, you have some gorgeous ones. I think it will be such a nice thing to pass down to our daughters one day. xx

  • Oh I just LOVE this post – and your gorgeous charms and the stories behind them! We loved Guitar Hero too 🙂 I have a Pandora and a Thomas Sabo – I need to do this tag 🙂 x

  • Thanks for the tag Donna 🙂

    I love your bracelet, I can’t believe how many charms you have! Such lovely stories it’s like a mini journey through your life. I have still never played guitar hero!! Sorry to hear about your cat; it’s always horrible when a family pet dies x

  • That’s a gorgeous bracelet. I used to love my mum’s childhood/teen charm bracelet and now I have it, although I can’t remember all the stories to go with it (I don’t think it’d ever be big enough to fit round my wrists compared with hers). I have a troll bead bracelet which I just decided to start collecting many years ago. It’s gorgeous but there’s no meaning behind it other than the charms are in a colour scheme or are pretty.