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I have written about my Mother many times on this blog, about the difficult relationship we’ve had and I wrote last year about all the things I thanked her for – despite our troubles. Littlewoods recently got in touch to tell me about their #MumsKnowBest campaign and it made me think of times when I was younger that Mum knew best.

Dear Mum,

I know we’ve had our ups and downs but through my childhood you really were the best Mum I could have asked for. Like any Mum, there were times when you gave me advice, times when you really did know best but times when I probably didn’t listen as well as I should have.

I remember all those times as a teenager when I’d go out in the summer with my friends. You would tell me repeatedly to put sunscreen on – always so protective of my fair skin – and I would ignore it, thinking I knew best. It wasn’t until I’d had a day in the sun, so many times, and came home in the evening that I’d realise I should have listened – How often did I have a bright red back, bright red chest and a red face with such white strap lines from the vest tops I used to always wear.

Do you remember the time I went to my friends house on the estate at the top of our road? You told me to come straight home from school, not to leave my bike in her garden and to make sure I was home for dinner. I’ll only stay an hour I said, I’ll be home in plenty of time – don’t worry Mum, it’ll be fine – I said. Oh what famous last words they were. That evening at my friend’s house my bike was stolen – although it appeared again later that same evening – but my mobile phone was also stolen. A phone I had saved for so long to buy, a mobile phone that was top of the range at the time and that I loved. I should have listened then Mum, I should have come straight home from school.

I know, kids never listen and it’s only in hindsight that they realise these things but one of the biggest things I should have listened to you about? Piercing my belly button. I did it in rebellion after you and my Dad split up when I was 16. You wanted to make me happy, he wasn’t around to say no so I went and had it done at a tattooist. It got infected straight away and I regretted it instantly although I cleaned it religiously and it soon healed. I wore tiny tops and low cut jeans, showing my belly off to the world. I was the same as all 16 year olds back then. But I didn’t think of the future and now I have a hole in my belly that reminds me of those years gone by. I doubt it will ever have a belly bar in it again and I doubt even more that the world will ever get another glimpse of my belly – it really isn’t the same as the one I had all those years ago, especially after having two children! So maybe I should have listened back then too.

Thanks for the Advice Mum! #MumsKnowBest

So Mum, thanks for all the advice you gave me growing up and sorry I didn’t listen to it all – to be honest, I didn’t listen to much of it but maybe there were times when you did know best and I really should have listened more. Thanks Mum!



Is there any advice that your Mum gave you that you wish you’d listened to? I hope that as the children grow they’ll listen to my advice, understand that I was their age once and appreciate the things Dave and I have to say, the things we tell them and the stories we share.

Mums have a way of knowing their children, knowing what they’re thinking and understanding them – even before they can speak themselves. This video from Littlewoods made me smile – I’m sure I’ve had conversations like that with LP and Little Man in the past!

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  1. Such a lovely letter. They say you realise that your mum was right when you have children that think you are wrong. Looking back everything my parents told me not to do they were right about. As children you forget your parents have been there, done it and got the t-shirt! xxx


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