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*This is a collaborative guest post

We are currently planning our extension and in doing so we’re looking to create a really big open plan kitchen and dining space. At the same time though we are updating the rest of the house to maximise space, find storage solutions and make everything just that bit more practical.

Here are a few ways we are looking at maximising space over the coming months:

New Kitchen – Our new kitchen will incorporate as many cupboards as possible, using up every inch of space with the new fitted kitchen. We’ll pick the drawer and cupboard configurations to suit our lifestyle and try and include as many gadgets as possible to utilise the space – corner cupboard carousels, pull our larder cupboards and wall storage too.

Utility Room – We are including a utility room in the new plans that will include full height cupboards to keep all our cleaning supplies, iron, ironing board, hoover and all that other stuff you just want to keep out of sight.

New Wardrobes – With a victorian house there are so many alcoves and spaces that we can’t use that well. Putting fitted wardrobes across these spaces would make them much more usable and would make the rooms a better fit for other furniture too. Full length fitted wardrobes with mirrored MDF painted doors would not just make use of the space but would make the rooms seem bigger too.

Maximising Space with Fitted Furniture

Under-stairs Storage – I have been scouring Pinterest for ideas on how to utilise out under-stairs cupboard. We were originally planning on making this into our downstairs toilet but instead we are incorporating that into what is currently our dining room when the extension is done. So, instead the under-stairs cupboard will be ample shoe and coat storage – hopefully with some made to measure storage built in.

So there we have it, our plans to maximise the space in our home – and hopefully by this time next year we’ll be able to make most of this a reality – fingers crossed!

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