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When I was pregnant with LP I spent ages pondering the contents of my hospital bag – Choosing the right bag, packing it, repacking and making sure I had everything I could possibly need. Even though I had a homebirth it’s advised to pack a bag ‘just in case’ and it contains everything that anyone having a baby in hospital would pack.

With Little Man I packed the bag last minute and only had a few items in it! I think second time you are more relaxed about what you will need in hospital and you know that if you don’t have something, especially after the baby is born, you can always ask someone to bring you something or send your partner out for supplies.

Packing your hospital bag is quite a milestone in any pregnancy and Matalan have put together a hospital bag essentials list to help you with the packing. Here it is:

Matalan Hospital Bag Checklist Competition! (Competition now Closed)

This maternity hospital bag list has pretty much everything you will need and Matalan have even created it as a downloadable pdf so that you can print it and check the items off as you pack them. Even better you can use the Checklist online and click the highlighted sections to zoom to the relevant parts of the Matalan website! There are a few things on the list I wouldn’t pack but it’s better to have too much first time around and feel confident that you are prepared for any eventuality.

The best things I had in my change bag were HUGE pants for after the birth and maternity pads – Awful things but very, very necessary! I also had a little battery fan in case I got too hot during labour and a big bag of jelly babies on advice of the midwives! I also had a contraction counter app on my phone that was amazing during labour and great to look back on afterwards. I also had quite a lot in the hospital bags that didn’t get used – Too many baby clothes and things like make up – I didn’t put make up back on for AGES after the babies were born! I did pack loads of muslins though, you really can’t have too many!

What are your top tips for packing a maternity bag? Is there anything that you couldn’t have managed without or anything that you didn’t need but everyone tells you to pack? Leave a comment with your top tips and add your entry to the Rafflecopter below. One comment will be picked at random to win a Β£50 Matalan Voucher!

(Competition now Closed)

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