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Marigold have been a symbol of cleaning for over seventy years but the versatile brand have come so far in that time. Marigold now has a glove for every task – cooking, cleaning, DIY or just generally dirty jobs. Marigold are there to keep your hands happy.

Marigold Extra Life Kitchen in sink with sponge

As well as their existing range of diverse gloves, Marigold has now added two new products to its range – Disposable Extra Safe Gloves, which are perfect to use when cooking and Extra Universal Disposable Gloves, great for jobs where you want to protect your hands but still want the sensitivity and feeling of not wearing gloves at all.

Marigold Extra Life Kitchen - kitchen

The Marigold Extra Safe Disposable Gloves are safe for your hands and safe for your food. They are 100% latex-free and 100% powder-free, making them perfect for protecting your hands against smells and stains, without risking latex allergies and contamination. They are both safe and strong whilst offering great grip and fit.

Marigold Bathroom bath 4

Marigold Extra Universal Disposable Gloves are great for protecting your hands while you do DIY and use dye. The all purpose gloves are specially designed to give your hands a protective barrier, but still ensure you have the sensitivity and flexibility to give a flawless finish to the job. Powder-free and fine, only the palms are double-layered for strength, while the extra-long beaded cuffs offer extra protection for hands and wrists making them perfect for pretty much any job.


These two great products join the existing line up of Marigold gloves to give a disposable option when you are cooking, cleaning or even doing odd jobs around the house. It just shows how far Marigold have come and I for one can’t wait to try their disposable options.

I have teamed up with Marigold to give away a hamper of Marigold products to one lucky reader. If you would like to win this great prize just complete one or more entries on the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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(Competition now closed)

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