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I hate to admit it, but I’m now a fully fledged grown up. I’m married, have two children, have a house, a job, a cat, life insurance… But, despite all this, Dave and I have never got around to getting wills written. I know – wills are so, so important and if anything happened to us without a will I hate to think what would happen.

But last week Farewill emailed me, inviting both Dave and I to try out their will writing service. Now, one of the things that stopped us getting wills previously is that I expected them to be expensive and to be quite time consuming – needing to go to a legal firm, take time off work and with a lot of paperwork to fill out.

Making Will Writing as Easy as Possible with Farewill

I’m pleased to say that with Farewill my experience was so different to my expectations. You see, Farewill enable you to create wills online. As long as you live in England or Wales, don’t have a disabled dependent and everything you own is in the UK then you can make a will through Farewill and it costs just £50 per person or £85 for a couple.

Farewill don’t offer mirror wills for couples where one will mirrors the other and instead each person has their own will with their own wishes on it. But, as my husband and I have the same wishes we created our individual wills to reflect each other.

The will making process was so simple. We just put in our personal details, our partner’s details and the children’s details – even our pet’s details. We were then asked to add guardians for the children and pets if anything happened to both of us at the same time. Obviously, if either Dave or I died the children (and the cat!) would stay with the surviving parent but if we both died at the same times having guardians is really important.

Making Will Writing as Easy as Possible with Farewill

We then picked executors for our wills who are the people that are legally allowed to sort everything out in the event of our death. They would sell any property, organise our finances and make sure the wishes in the will are followed through.

You can even add messages to specific people, individual gifts and charity donations. The wills really can be tailored to completely reflect your wishes and you can even put down requests for your funeral too.

There was then a section to say where we wanted our assets to go to and we could list these individually – things like bank accounts, life insurance or pensions. This makes sure the executors know roughly which places to contact when we die.

The whole Farewill process was so simple and I know this isn’t nice to talk about but it’s definitely a weight off our mind if anything happens to my husband or I and just so important – especially when you have a family to think about. I’m actually embarrassed that I didn’t have a will previously.

After completing the will you just pay the fee to Farewell who run the will past their legal experts and then it’s ready to be printed and signed. It just needs two independent witnesses to countersign it and then it is legally binding.

If there are any problems through the process Farewill have a customer service line to contact who can talk you through the stages and answer any questions.Once the process is finished you can pay £10 per year to have unlimited updates to the will to make sure that if anything changes your will still reflects your wishes. Farewill really have tried to make will writing as pain free as possible and accesible to everyone.

To help inspire you to make your own will, Farewill are offering readers 30% off their wills. Just use code what_the_red_head_said_30 at the checkout on Farewill’s website.

Making Will Writing as Easy as Possible with Farewill

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  1. Wow, I had no idea it was possible to create a will for such a reasonable price! It’s a bit of a dark thought but such an important thing to have ready in case of the worst scenario x

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