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Research has always shown that moving house is one of the most stressful things parents have to go through in life – more stressful than job interviews or even getting married. But, AnyVan aim to make moving house a fun experience for the whole family.

When asked what the most stressful part of moving house is, many parents said keeping the children occupied but not just on moving day but whilst preparing to move too. There are things to wrap in bubble wrap, appliances to disconnect and boxes to fill and although children love to get involved, help and participate as much as possible it isn’t always safe for them to do so.

But AnyVan, the removals experts, have created BoxForts – the perfect way to get children involved in the moving process, to help them deal with the psychological impact of moving and to give parents a chance to get the packing done whilst the children are entertained.

Making Moving House Fun for Kids with BoxFort

AnyVan are currently trialling prototypes of the range with families and are looking into producing two different styles of BoxForts for the future – a single box which can be transformed into a castle by folding pre-cut perforations and the second consists of an entire range of boxes which fit together like bricks to make a giant fort.

Making Moving House Fun for Kids with BoxFort

I love the idea of BoxForts and know that LP and Little Man would love having something like this to play with whilst Dave and I are packing the house up around them. These would be a great investment for anyone moving house, putting things into storage or clearing out ready for major work being done – like our current extension build!

Making Moving House Fun for Kids with BoxFort

But, as well as BoxForts, AnyVan also have tips to help make moving easier for kids:

1. Involve children in the move

Let children know they will be moving between a month and two months beforehand, so they have time to think about it, but not to get worried. Show them the local area and point out the new things like the shops, school, playground and parks so they can imagine the fun they will have there. Also visit the house with them before the move, and point out their new room.

2. Give them some control

Let your kids help you choose things like colours of paint, furniture and other decorations. By including them, they will feel excited about the new house, rather than worried.

Making Moving House Fun for Kids with BoxFort

3. If your kids are at school age, don’t move during term time

Starting school half way through a year means they will not only have to catch up with all the schoolwork that the class has undertook, but friendship groups will be more clearly defined. Moving during the summer makes the transition easier.

4. Stick to the routine

Continuity is important, so do the things that you did beforehand, such as game nights and family meal times. Also, invite people they are close to, such as family and friends, to come and visit. This way they will feel like they have just changed house, rather than losing their home.

5. Make the move fun

Make the move itself fun by playing games with the moving boxes – kids love boxes as they give them a safe place to escape into their imagination.

6. Don’t show them you’re stressed

Your kids look to you for emotional cues. So if you are feeling stressed and showing it, this will lead to your children also becoming stressed and thinking that the move is a negative thing. On the other hand, if you’re positive, they’ll have a sense that everything will be okay.

For more tips and advice, or to find out more about BoxForts just pop over to the AnyVan website and make sure you join in the conversation on Twitter with @AnyVan and #AVBoxForts.

Making Moving House Fun for Kids with BoxFort


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  1. Oh that looks so much fun! We will hopefully move at some point over the next few years and I know Libby will be upset so something like this would be a great idea to cheer her up.

  2. Well this would have been handy to have a couple of weeks ago when we moved house.
    The kids were in creche at the time we moved and boxed up everything and I was off work so it was less stress anyway. We had it all pretty well organised.

  3. What an amazing company! This would make moving so much easier. If more companies thought like this then the world would be a better place. I’ll definitely consider them when we move next now!

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