Making Memories Last Longer This Winter

*This is a collaborative post

I am never far from my camera and I take photos whenever we are on a day out, a weekend away and often at home too. I love capturing those memories whether they are the little ordinary moments or the bigger events, celebrations and holidays.

It’s so easy to take photos and then never look at them again. Just have them in a folder on your computer or a memory card in a drawer. Because of this blog I share and look back on so many photos, reminiscing and remembering all the good times and milestones.

But, I know that not everyone has a blog to plaster with memories and because of this I always buy photo gifts at Christmas. We make calendars each year for close family and photo books or canvases are always wonderful gifts too. Taking a photo each year for our Christmas cards is a massive occasion for us as well and something we always really look forward to.

As well as organising photos for our christmas gifts this year I’ve loved spending time looking back at the memories from previous years, seeing the children grow as each Christmas has passed.

I look forward to each year, capturing more memories, having those memories to look back on and sharing them with our nearest and dearest throughout the year. There really isn’t a better time to share photos, and memories, than at Christmas.

Some of my favourite photos of the children, and of us as a family have been the ones at Christmas. Ones in festive outfits or with twinkly lights in the background. The photos that symbolise togetherness and show our family at it’s best – with the children happy and with all the emotion of the festive season around us.

This year we’re doing the same photo gifts – calendars for the grandparents and special photo books for other close relatives. Photos are gifts that can be treasured forever and they are our go to gift at Christmas. We use sites like Truprint that have a fantastic range of photo gifts and they have quality I know I can count on.

Looking back through these photos I remember when every one was taken. I remember how the children were, where we had been and where we went to afterwards. I remember LP’s photo with us above, Little Man was already on his way but it was a little too early to announce it to the world. And the photo above that, of LP in her box, is one that I will treasure forever.

So for me, having these photos to look back on is something I will always appreciate. Seeing the children, and us as a family, grow year by year. But, it’s not just something we appreciate, it’s something that everyone who loves us really appreciates too. Which is why photos will always be our perfect gift at Christmas.

*This is a collaborative post


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  1. November 27, 2017 / 10:28 am

    These photos are just the cutest! I love the photo where you knew you were pregnant already! How lovely x

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