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For Centuries, Bath has been a recreational health spot for Romans, Saxons, Kings, Queens and more recently the health conscious and cultured individual. People travel to Bath from all over the world to relax, rejuvenate and of course soak up its wonderful architecture and history.

How to Make the Most of a Bath Spa Break

Local spa hotel in Bath, Homewood Park receives its fair share of spa seekers. Eager to eradicate all forms of stress, Homewood Park have put together five ways in which spa guests can go from uptight to feeling refreshed and bright in the blink of an eye.

1. ‘Treatment’ Yourself

It’s called a ‘treat’-ment for a reason, as realistically it’s not something you’d have access to every day. And if this is the case, stop and think about what it takes for you to relax, unwind and replenish your body and mind before choosing a treatment. Use this insight to choose a treatment which is going to invigorate your senses and achieve the goal of ultimate serenity from head to toe.

How to Make the Most of a Bath Spa Break

2. Sauna, Steam, Soak, Repeat

Spending too much time doing any of these three can be quite overwhelming and make you feel a little light headed. By doing each of them for 5 or 10 minutes each in a little circuit a few times can make it far more enjoyable.

3. Swim

Exercise is great for pumping blood around your body which of course carries oxygen and feeds you muscles energy to grow stronger. However, on a spa break you don’t want to overdo it; and the best way to exercise lightly is to swim.

How to Make the Most of a Bath Spa Break

4. Culture

While it can be tempting to hide away and read a book on a lounger or plug in your iPod and listen to Café Del Mar, why not test your imagination in more visual ways. Bath is known for its incredible culture and its authentic historical value. Why not take a trip to the city centre (midweek when it’s less hectic) and visit the Roman Baths or the Jane Austin Museum.

5. Fresh Air

Some of the best spa hotels Bath has to offer are located on the outskirts. This means they are surrounded by luscious countryside and glorious gardens. Take a calming stroll either before or after your spa visit and feed your brain with fresh air as well as explore its peaceful towns and villages.

*This is a collaborative guest post


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  1. May 5, 2016 / 4:39 pm

    How lovely. I adore Bath spa, my sister is at uni there and I’m long overdue a visit.

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