Maid Simple Cleaning Products Review

Regular readers will know that I’m not the cleaner in our house – Hubby does a grand job or cleaning, ironing and hoovering so when Maid Simple asked if we’d like to review their range of cleaning products I thought Hubby might like to give them a go.

Who are Maid Simple?

Maid Simple are a wonderfully retro cleaning brand with simple products that look lovely and work well. The main Made Simple focus is kitchens and bathrooms but they have a product to suit every job. We were sent the Maid Simple Kitchen Cleaner, Shower Cleaner, Glass & Mirror Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner and Furniture Polish to review.

Review: Maid Simple Cleaning Products

How did we find the Maid Simple Cleaning Products?

Over the last few weeks we have used all the products and they have fitted well into our cleaning routine. The Kitchen Cleaner smells amazing – like grapefruit – and cleans wonderfully, getting rid of grease easily. This has taken the place of our previous ‘all purpose cleaner’ and we always have it to hand in the kitchen and dining room. Spray on, wipe off and it’s done. I can’t fault it.

The Bathroom Cleaner and Shower Cleaner work well at removing limescale and leave a smear free finish. Both smell lovely and they both work well anywhere in the bathroom although I know the Shower Cleaner is meant primarily for shower units/screens it would work being kept in an en suite or shower room.

The Glass and Mirror Cleaner is perfect for cleaning windows and leaves glass and mirrors smear free and with a lovely shine. I usually find mirrors hard to clean as can never get a good enough finish on them but there have been no such problems with Made Simple.

Lastly, the Furniture Polish. This isn’t something we usually use at home but as we were sent it we thought we’d give it a go! One of the best features is that it’s wax free and anti-static so you won’t get a product build up or dust being attracted to the furniture. It works great on any sealed surfaces and leaves a lovely shine.

What were our overall thoughts of Maid Simple Cleaning Products?

Overall we’ve loved using Maid Simple cleaning products. They are all easy to use, suit a variety of purposes and smell so much nicer than any other cleaning products we’ve used in the past. We’ve also found that a little goes a long way so I’m expecting them to be good value for money too.

Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review however all opinions are my own.


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  1. February 17, 2015 / 8:51 pm

    They look so different to the usual cleaning products and sound great too! Love the packaging! xx

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