Living Arrows – 8/52

This week has been another poorly week here. A week of runny noses, grumpiness, teething and mostly lazy days.

This week has had a lot of PJ days and relaxing time. LP likes to lay in our bed and watch TV whilst I’m getting ready. Sometimes Little Man likes to join her. Occasionally the cats join them too, and all four ‘babies’ relax in bed watching TV.

A snotty week summed up with a Little Pickle and a Little Man, in PJs, in bed. Pickle hugging a teddy. Curious George on the TV.

Two poorly children, my Living Arrows.

Living Arrows - 8/52
Living Arrows - 8/52

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  1. There is something I really love about photos of kids in their parents bed. Something about it making them look so small maybe, and the comfiness of the pillows and quilts. That is such a sweet shot of your babies, and your furry babies too! x


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