Living Arrows – 8/52

Another week and another Living Arrows. This week has absolutely flown by with playdates, movies, swimming, work and a visit to The Baby Show yesterday. The week has flown by and we have loved having LP at home but like all holidays it has gone too quickly and she’s now back at preschool.

This week’s photos were taken on a morning at home where we played in the garden, enjoyed the sun shining, did some gardening and then relaxed with Disney movies for the afternoon. Little Man insisted on wearing his policeman hat in the garden as LP was wearing her safety helmet and he wanted a hat on too!

LP’s photo was taken in the afternoon when she wanted a ‘snack’… She has a huge appetite for fruit and has always loved cucumber but has a new found love of carrot sticks too. I love how much she enjoys food.

Living Arrows - 8/52

The stormtrooper keyring goes everywhere with LP at the moment, through the day and then off to bed with her too.


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  1. It is funny the way they grab hold of something and then take it everywhere. Bet it’s strange having LP back at preschool and a relatively empty house.

  2. Haha – I love LM’s police helmet. Toby’s really getting to that age where he can get a bit obsessed with things and carry them round (or wear them) all day. And how cute is LP with her Stormtrooper keyring? Has she any idea what Star Wars even is?

    1. She does actually! hehe. Hubby started watching the actual movies with her about a year ago and she now knows who Darth Vader and Stormtroopers are! She knows most of the characters and often watches the Star Wars Rebel cartoon too! x

  3. Little man is like ‘I’m going to wear this helmet even if I can’t see where I’m going!’ LP’s plate of food looks delicious that’s my type of snack xx

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