Living Arrows – 7/52

I’m really loving joining in with Living Arrows each week and finding the best photos from the week to capture both children’s personalities and the week they’ve had.

LP has had another week of mostly being my Beautiful Mess. Scruffy hair and house clothes, playing, reading, napping and watching TV. Every so often during the day I will hear from behind me or across the room ‘Picture Mummy, take a picture Mummy!’ and there will be my LP with her camera, wanting to take a picture of me, chasing the cats to take a picture of them or taking a picture of her Brother.

‘Cheeeeese! Cheese Brother, Cheeeeese!’

LP has regained the love for her camera and I’m really enjoying watching her find things to photograph – It makes me smile every time.


I wrote recently about Little Man learning to crawl. It had been a quick commando crawl, pulling himself along on his arms. This week LM has ‘found’ his crawl and now crawls properly, on all fours and with determination.

Little Man speeds around the room, gets to places he really shouldn’t be and ends up everywhere. It’s a joy to watch him explore and learn.

I’ve loved this week. This week with my Living Arrows.


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  1. A lovely picture of your daughter with the camera, so cute.

    I love to see babies crawling, my little boy never did (he was a bum shuffler), and your little man looks such a cutie on all fours.

  2. Lovely photos as always – I love to see what your two have been getting up to every week 🙂 (And ‘Cheese brother, cheeeese’ made me giggle!)

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