Living Arrows – 6/52

This week’s Living Arrows photos sum up our week.

Little Man has been on a non-stop adventure of exploring every possible space in the house. Rolling, crawling, moving. He’s also been constantly blowing raspberries and sticking his tongue out.

Little Man’s personality is developing every single day and he is getting more and more cheeky as the weeks go on. Such a happy, cheeky, gorgeous little thing!

Living Arrows - 6/52

Little Pickle has also been adventuring this week, on an adventure castle in the freezing cold. The weather never bothers her and she just carries on exploring. LP loves to play, loves a park and loves having a treat afterwards – Babycino and cake after this adventure!

Living Arrows - 6/52

8 thoughts on “Living Arrows – 6/52”

  1. Both of these photos are fantastic. So cute of your kids, looking so happy exploring and playing around and the colors, angles, lighting and background just make it the perfect two pictures. Well done!!! I love how they both are looking directly at you. What’s your secret? hahaha my two run when they see the camera or ignore me completely. πŸ˜‰


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