Living Arrows – 6/52

How are we six weeks into the year already? Another week gone and now February is well underway. This week has been another week of lazy days and not doing much as we’re still getting over our various bugs and trying no to spread those germs either! Because of this both my photos this week were taken this weekend.

For LP everything is better when she’s dressed as a fairy. There is nothing she likes more than a tutu and fairy wings and would even wear them in the car if her wings would fit in the seat. A very typical view in our house is LP in her full fairy costume going about her business as normal – playing, watching TV, eating – it is often all done with added fairy dust.

Living Arrows - 6/52

Little Man’s latest love is crawling around the room and rolling around on the floor. It is as if Little Man has forgotten that he once crawled as his only way of getting around and now crawls and finds it hilarious. He’ll then flop on the floor and roll around or just lay there and watch TV.

Living Arrows - 6/52


  • Donna Wishart

    Donna Wishart is married to Dave and they have two children, Athena (12) and Troy (11). They live in Surrey with their two cats, Fred and George. Once a Bank Manager, Donna has been writing about everything from family finance to days out, travel and her favourite recipes since 2012. Donna is happiest either exploring somewhere new, with her camera in her hand and family by her side or snuggled up with a cat on her lap, reading a book and enjoying a nice cup of tea. She firmly believes that tea and cake can fix most things.

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  1. Archie is 14 months old and does this with the floor all the time, its the cutest thing! It does make me laugh, and Sophia is just like your little girl, give her a princess dress and she is all better, It is so lovely to raise a boy and a girl isn’t it? They are so different. Cute pictures of both of your children, I love the sun coming through on the first picture. x

  2. I love A’s wings! How cute. I love how they can just play by themselves and they come up with little stories. They’re fascinating to watch. Glad you’re all feeling much better xx

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