Living Arrows – 40/52

This week has flown by – that seems to be a theme now that LP’s started school. The weeks whizz by in a blur of weekdays and weekends, school, work and time together. Life is so busy but it’s pretty perfect too. I’m really enjoying this stage of our lives.

A month ago LP hadn’t yet started school. She had no interest in letters, words or holding a pen. Up until that point we had been completely focused on learning through play and when anything to do with writing came up LP was just nonplussed. But now, three and a bit weeks on, LP is learning letters. One letter a day and with a homework sheet too. She now picks out letters in street signs, on shop signs and on car number plates. She has already learnt so much so fast.

Living Arrows - 40/52

This time last week Little Man and I had a morning at Legoland. It was really quiet and although we only stayed three hours it was perfect for us. We went on ten rides, had a picnic lunch and wandered around looking at things. It was so good to spend time with my gorgeous boy and Legoland was a great adventure for us – he even spent the rare times that we did have to queue chatting to his shadow.

Living Arrows - 40/52


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  1. How lovely to see your little girl embracing her learning from school! A lovely idea for practicing letter formation is to write ‘rainbow letters’ – writing over the same letter shape with a different colour each time. Can make homework a bit more pretty! (I hope you don’t mind the teacher tip!) x

  2. Aww brilliant well done little lady, that’s fantastic. It must be so lovely to spend some one-on-one time with T, so lovely to make lots of great memories with him xx

  3. So cool that LP is getting on so well and enjoying letters. I just want N to get started on them, but as of the moment I don’t think he’s done any apart from vaguely learning to write his name…I kind of feel like he’s the type of child who’s going to need a lot of practice. He’s not interested in doing it outside of school at all really, although Reading Eggs is getting a bit of attention from him.

    Love the shadow photo.

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