Living Arrows – 39/52

This week has zoomed by. With LP’s preschool drop offs and both Dave and I working different days the whole week seems to merge into one and before I know it Sunday is here and I’m looking for Living Arrows photos. Apart from review pictures I haven’t really taken photos at all this week, we haven’t had many moments that I have thought worthy of taking my big camera out with me. Instead I have taken a few photos on my phone and that is where this week’s Living Arrows have come from.

Little Man is growing so fast, he is now a proper little boy who walks and climbs with ease. I had his feet measured earlier this week and they are a 5G, a whole size and a half bigger than when we got his first shoes back in May. He now has new shoes and is desperately in need of a hair cut – so much so that he handed me one of his sister’s hair bands and banged himself on the head until I put it in his hair – I think he was trying to tell me that his hair was in his face!

Living Arrows - 39/52

LP and I had a girlie day out in London yesterday – we had an adventure on trains and went to the cinema. It was really lovely to have some one on one time with her and to venture into London pushchair free. But because we had to get up early to get the 8:30am train, and LP had been getting up early for preschool all week she was exhausted and spent a big chunk of the journey home like this…

Living Arrows - 39/52

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  1. Oh dear. They do seem to all of a sudden get tired, when they might not have been napping for months!

    Hope you both had a nice time in London.

    (N likes wearing hair clips and bands, although his hair’s really too short, even when it needs cutting!)

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