Living Arrows – 3/52

Another week and another Living Arrows. This week has been a pretty ordinary one – preschool, swimming, work. The weekend was action packed but the week was definitely a normal one!

LP loves thinking of new games to play but also loves the classics. On Saturday she spent literally an hour twirling around on a swivel chair until she was hiding on it and then jumped out saying ‘Boo!’. This kept her amused the whole time and her face says it all – so pleased with herself, so cute and getting so grown up! Plus she ate an apple at the same time – I have a multitasker on the horizon!

Living Arrows - 3/52

I love this photo of Little Man from earlier in the week, he is just getting so big and has definitely had a growth spurt recently. The one thing that jumps out at me from this photo, though, is Little Man’s split lip, nearly healed but very much there. Over the last few weeks he has had a split lip constantly, from falling off the sofa or running into things. I say it often but he is such a boy – wanting to be everywhere, climb everything, do everything and just explore. I have a feeling split lips may be something we see often as he gets bigger!

Living Arrows - 3/52

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  1. Haha – I love LP’s ‘boo’ face. And poor LM – we’ve managed to avoid split lips so far but Toby is permanently covered in bumps and bruises, he literally has no sense of danger!

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