Living Arrows – 2/52

I’m hoping that over the course of Living Arrows this year I’ll be able to capture my children’s personalities in photos and watch them grow week by week. This week, as will often be the case, I’ve chosen a photo of each child rather than one of them both together – Photos of both of them are very hard to take at the moment due to Little Man’s age and LP’s resistance to having her photo taken, especially with her Brother.


LP has one stuffed animal chum who she loves like no other. Curious George is the first love of LP’s life. The photo doesn’t show that at the time LP was also watching Curious George on the TV – Curious George makes her so animated and so happy.

Living Arrows

Little Man’s cheeky personality is shining through and developing as the day’s go by. He loves LP’s table and chairs and spends hours bashing into them to try and steal the chairs. As you can see, he finally succeeded.

6 thoughts on “Living Arrows – 2/52”

  1. Ah, such beautiful photos. I love the fact that your little man just looks so unimpressed about having his photo taken. Thanks for linking up to Living Arrows. x

  2. I think these photos capture your little ones so well, despite their reluctance to pose together. I am quite surprised he managed to grab that chair and she is sooo sweet with her monkey! #livingarrows


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