Living Arrows – 2/52

This week has been a busy one with LP back at preschool and swimming lessons and Dave back at work. We are now very much into our ‘every day is different’ routine and although I can’t say we’re all enjoying the early get ups again we are used to it and it’s the way it will be until our next set of school holidays.

I’ve worked three days this week, Dave worked six and the children had time of being with each of us as well as a couple of days with their Nanny too – and Nanny even brought their cousin to play as well! The children had their favourite kind of week with lots of relaxing, lots of playing and also back to having time on their own with us too – Little Man loves the time when his sister is at school and LP gets her own share of one on one time when Little Man naps in the afternoon.

LP’s photo this week was taken by Dave whilst I was at work on Saturday and Little Man was napping. It’s the time when LP gets to do more messy or older activities that Little Man can’t get as involved with just yet but this time she chose to draw. Even Dave said it was nice to have some quiet time whilst she did her colouring.

Living Arrows - 2/52

Little Man’s photo was taken on Sunday morning. He came with me at 7:30am to get my hair cut and when we got home we went out to play with some friends almost immediately but in between I left him in his coat, eating a chocolate chip brioche and watching TV whilst I got LP ready.

Living Arrows - 2/52

All in all this week was quite a good one for me – lots of signs we are back to normality now but I also had my hair cut which is always a real treat and I even had a spa day on Thursday too! I am definitely managing to keep to my resolution of doing more for me. How was your week?

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  1. Handy that Little Man still naps, so LP has that time free. It does always feel like getting back into the norm is hard work. Little Man looks very comfy there #livingarrows


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