Living Arrows – 23/52

This week has gone so slowly but such a blur too. It was a week where we got our house back to normal, finished our decorating and put together Little Man’s room but it was also the week where we lost our beautiful boy cat Luke. After that, on Friday evening, the hours have dragged and the weekend was spent getting jobs done to just keep going and trying not to think too much. Three days later and I still feel a mess, cry often and expect to see my boy cat rolling around on the ground outside. I haven’t really picked up my camera over the last few days so I’m sharing a photo I found on the camera from earlier in the week, unlike the usual two I try to share. I’m hoping normal service will resume soon – I surely can’t cry forever.

This photo was taken when the children were doing their favourite thing of the moment – playing Princesses. LP loves to help Little Man dress up too and he’s more than willing to oblige!

Living Arrows - 23/52

Have a lovely week and I’ll try to be more upbeat next time 🙂

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