Living Arrows – 19/52

This week’s Living Arrows is all about Little Man’s Birthday.

Little Man turned one on Saturday,

We had a party for him with cake – and presents.

His Grandparents bought him a racing car ball pool,

LP has lived in it since, refusing to get out.

Ball pools are a thing of childhood, something that I thought LP would be too big for.

How wrong could I be? LP loves it, lays in it, sits in it, watches TV in it.

Living Arrows - 19/52

Little Man got dressed up for his special day.

A short and white trousers – Who puts a baby in white trousers?! (Me!)

He looks so grown up now, my year old Little Man.

His hair’s getting long, he’s making noises that sound like words,

He’s trying to walk and wants to be everywhere at once.

Our Little Man on his very first Birthday.

Living Arrows - 19/52

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  1. Happy happy 1st birthday little man. Doesnt time go way too fast? My little one turns 1 next month too. I still can’t believe it. Feels weird that mine are going to be 1 and 3 soon. Time is flying. Lovely photos. Glad you all had fun celebrating. #livingarrows

  2. Happy Birthday Little Man! He does look very grown up – I can’t believe Toby will be one in a couple of months too! And I love how LP always seems to love her brother’s toys as much as he does 🙂

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