Living Arrows – 1/52

Another year and I’m starting afresh with Living Arrows. I loved joining in last year and found it a great way to see how much the children had grown as the time went on and to document our week too. Children grow so quickly that it’s lovely to be able to record little aspects of childhood each and every week.

This week has been a lazy one. We’ve been in that after Christmas limbo and have spent a lot of time in PJs, onesies and jogging bottoms! We have also only left the house when completely necessary and have loved every minute of it! Although I’ve been back at work since the Saturday after Xmas, Dave has mostly been off so the children have had a lot of quality Daddy time – we have all loved him being at home.

This week LP has been a snuggly little thing and on Sunday the week had taken it’s toll. She spent the afternoon wrapped in a blanket, laying on her Daddy’s lap, watching Hook and not doing a whole lot else. She was so cute, so small and so beautiful laying there with her hair messy from swimming. I have no idea how she’ll cope with going back to preschool, she’ll be worn out!

Living Arrows - 1/52

Little Man has spent a lot of time playing with new Christmas toys this week and enjoying the last of the Christmas food treats – he’s had a lot more treats over Christmas than he would normally have and has definitely had his fair share of mince pies, chocolate and fruit juice! He’s also loved having lunch in the lounge, trusted to stay sitting and to eat without a bib. Little Man’s favourite thing at the moment is being a big boy and I have to say he is pretty good at it!

Living Arrows - 1/52


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  1. So sweet. I agree he looks like he is being a very good boy. Lil G has been telling me how he is a big boy and that he wants to go back to Kindergarten. He happily scooted off this morning. I do wonder how well he will sleep tonight. I am certain he will be exhausted #LivingArrows

  2. Beautiful photos. Your daughter looks snug as a bug wrapped in that blanket and your son is definitely looking every inch the grown-up big boy sitting at his table. We let our daughter have lots of couch picnics over Christmas and she was in seventh heaven. 🙂


  3. Oh sometimes they just look so teeny tiny don’t they? And your boy is growing up so fast! Am looking forward to seeing your Living Arrows this year too bab. Love Brum x

  4. Oh, I love LM at his big boy table – I doubt I could leave Toby to sit at a table and eat without him causing chaos! And LP looks adorable all snuggled up with her blanket too!

  5. Lovely photos as always, they look so grown up on these, maybe because they are more serious! I think Lucas will struggle back at pre-school, it tires him out so much it’s been lovely to have the break xx

  6. Something of me loves the ‘Christmas limbo’ and the other bit wants to get back to normal! The children look beautiful as always. I hope you all had a lovely Christnas together x

  7. Awww, I hope LP went back to preschool ok for you and is feeling better.

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog through Living Arrows.

  8. When I started joining in with Living Arrows at the start of last year I found it hard to choose a photo of just one of them and didn’t have many photos of both of them as Little Man was still tiny, so it was easier to have one of each every week 🙂 x

  9. Such lovely photos! It’s a funny stretch of time isn’t … after Christmas and before routine sets in again. My boy had a bit of a meltdown on the first day back at pre-school but day 2 was all back to normal 🙂 xx #LivingArrows

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