Living Arrows – 14/52

This week has mostly been about our holiday in Cornwall.

LP spent a lot of time investigating the pool table, playing ‘balls’, putting the balls on the table and the pushing them down the holes. Looking for specific colours and every so often dropping a ball on the floor and chasing it with glee.

Little Pickle loved our holiday cottage, loved exploring and loved how everything was new to her. She loved being on holiday and when we said we were going home she asked for “more holiday”. It really was a lovely week.

Living Arrows - 14/52

Little Man loved exploring too, lots of wooden floors to crawl around on safely and a sister to chase around.

Apart from that Little Man’s week was blighted by teething – It always happens when we go away although he seems better now we’re home. He slept very little all week and Dave and I spent the week exhausted but happy – Family time is the best kind of time even when you’ve had very little sleep.

This week’s Living Arrows – Holidaying ones!

Living Arrows - 14/52

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