Living Arrows – 12/52

This week’s Living Arrows.

My gorgeous LP, in a new outfit, having one of her regular snack breaks. ‘Booo-Breees Pease Mummy! In a bowl, a pink bowl!’

LP loves fruit and would eat it constantly if I let her. Blueberries are one of her favourites although we don’t have them often – This week has been full of them!

I always ask LP to go and sit in the lounge with her fruit and she’ll choose somewhere and plonk herself down, not a care in the world apart from her food!

This has been a week of garden time, TV time and relaxing at home.

Living Arrows - 12/52

Little Man has been everywhere, all at once this week. Standing, climbing up, sitting down, crawling. He doesn’t roll much anymore, or even crawl much, he just wants to stand and climb.

On days at home he stays in sleepsuits – nearly 11 months but very much a baby when he wears a sleepsuit, even if he’s standing!

My gorgeous, cheeky boy with his messy bed hair and his baggy sleepsuit.

Living Arrows - 12/52

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