Little Man’s Transition of Cot to Bed

We had planned to move Little Man into a bed some time after his second Birthday and with our building work happening we thought that moving him once the work was complete would be good timing. In the end, we literally put his big boy bedroom together and set his bed up that same day, making a clear move from cot to bed.

Little Man had been sleeping in a travel cot for a couple of weeks at home whilst we finished the decorating off as we didn’t want to put his cot back together just for a few nights and I think by the point we introduced the bed Little Man was just keen to sleep somewhere a bit more comfortable!

We really didn’t do anything to ease Little Man’s transition but he did inherit LP’s single bed, bed guard and step to make bedtimes as smooth as possible. LP had always slept well in her bed and we hoped that Little Man would be the same. We put a safety gate on Little Man’s bedroom door to stop him escaping in the night and hoped it would all be fine.

Little Man's Transition of Cot to Bed

When Little Man first saw his bed he was so excited and had the biggest of grins on his face. He had new bedding and all his familiar cuddly toys around him and at bedtime he asked to go to bed – something that has never happened before. He went to bed but got upset as he remembered that as he’d climbed into bed himself he’d missed his usual cuddles and so had cuddles and then went almost straight to sleep.

Through the night LM woke up a couple of times crying but I think this was mainly as he didn’t know where he was and was sleeping with a duvet for the first time. It was all a bit new for him. In the end I had to wake him up at 7:30am as he was still asleep and we had to get up and ready.

Since then Little Man has slept really well each night, going to bed easily, not waking very much and often not waking in the morning until we have gone to get him. Much like LP’s transition from cot to bed, Little Man’s transition couldn’t have gone better and I hope that it continues!

Little Man's Transition of Cot to Bed

7 thoughts on “Little Man’s Transition of Cot to Bed”

  1. Oh how funny we are doing this with S too – although I kind of hate you because it’s a bloody nightmare here! F was fine but this one is such a monkey….we will get there i’m sure!
    Hoping to catch up with you at BMs lovely – just coming to the evening do but sure we can grab a drink πŸ™‚ xxx

  2. Oh bless Little Man – he did so well! Wow, what I’d give to have to wake my toddler up at 7.30am instead of her shouting us awake earlier πŸ™‚ Mim x

  3. We got LP a cabin bed a couple of months ago at about 3 and a half. She went into a single bed at 21 months and from then until the cabin bed she always had a bed guard – and still sleeps with one on holidays x

  4. He has done amazing going into his bed i bet your proud of him. We are thinking of moving Sophia from her cot into a bed soon now that she has just turned two but i fear she will be a nightmare and be up all night as she is a little terror at times xx


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