Little Man, Today you are Two

Dear Little Man,

I have written to your sister every year and I wrote to you last year on your first Birthday. I can’t quite believe that we are here again already, that today you are two.

Little Man, you light up our life. You are a joy from the moment you wake in the morning – shouting yee-haw from your cot – until the moment you go to sleep at night. You laugh, smile and play happily. You are, generally, a really happy little thing and your smiles are infectious – you make us all happy around you.

Little Man, Today you are Two

You have learnt so much this year. You have the cutest run I have ever seen and you climb with ease. You have no fear and face scary situations head on – climbing on things too high for you really and wanting everything to be an adventure.

Over the last few months you have learnt so many words – you know some colours, some numbers and often answer questions that Mickey Mouse asks on the TV. You can have basic conversations with us and when we ask you something you answer with ease. You can always get your point across, ask when you want something and nearly always share with your sister – she’s still learning to share with you.

You adore Mickey Mouse but I have a feeling he will have to fight for your affections soon as there’s a new love in town – Thomas the Tank! You go to bed with a cuddly Mickey but have recently taken random toys and books to bed with you too. Whatever you take to bed you sleep well, at least 12 hours at night and a good 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. You love your sleep and I am hanging on to your nap as long as it lasts.

Little Man, Today you are Two

People comment on how big you are. I don’t think you’re big, you’re just big compared to your petite sister – you are almost the same size as her although you are 20 months younger. You have size 6 feet, are just about moving into 2-3 clothes and I have no idea how much you weigh or how tall you are – we stopped measuring those long ago. You are the perfect size and shape.

You love food and would eat all day every day if we let you. You love to snack, love bananas and eat pasta like there’s no tomorrow. You are pretty good with cutlery and don’t make too much of a mess at meal times any more. You have a booster seat instead of a highchair and I’m sure before long you’ll want to sit on a chair like your sister.

It’s no secret that you adore your sister. You copy her, follow her and love her completely. She is still learning the finer points of having a little brother and loses her temper with you sometimes but you are always tolerant, forgiving and loving – you give the best cuddles to all of us.

Little Man, Today you are Two

So Little Man, you are two. No longer a baby and another year until you start preschool. You’re in that in-between stage where life is an adventure, no routines and just playing all day. You will be amazing at being two. You already have tantrums when you don’t get your own way and I am sure we have only just scratched the surface but I like that you can express yourself.

Little Man, enjoy the next year, the year before life gets a new routine. Learn lots whilst you play, keep giving those awesome cuddles and don’t miss your sister too much when she starts school in a few months – we’ll have more time for adventures and she’ll play with you when she gets home each day.

For now Little Man – Happy Birthday. My beautiful baby boy, two already.

With love,

Mummy and Daddy x

Little Man, Today you are Two

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