Liked & Loved {November 2018}

It’s that time of the month again where I look back at the last few weeks and take a moment to appreciate all the nice things that we’ve enjoyed, that have happened or that we’ve experienced. So here are the things we’ve liked and loved in November:

*The Chilli Pickle

We had our first curry meal out this month at The Chilli Pickle in Guildford and it was one of the nicest meals I’ve had in ages. Full of flavour, a great children’s menu of adult style dishes toned down on spice and a really lovely ambience too. We’ll definitely be back.

Liked & Loved {November 2018}

*Matching Pyjamas

As a family we love matching pyjamas and this month The Original Factory Shop sent us matching pyjamas – where £2 of every pair sold is being donated to Make-A-Wish. They’re really comfortable pyjamas and they fit and wash really well too – we’ll be twinning all the time on weekend mornings and movie evenings from now on!

Liked & Loved {November 2018}

*Crayola Scoot Game {Nintendo Switch}

We were given a copy of Crayola Scoot to try out and the children always love a new Nintendo Switch game to play. Crayola Scoot is an incredibly colourful adventure game that encourages creativity and imagination – whatever the age of the player. It literally gives scooting a spin with different play modes from ‘Trick Run’ to ‘Splatter Grab’ and of course the ever popular free play mode. Incredible tricks  and jumps make the game more colourful as you progress, helping you to perform slicker moves and with easy to follow on-screen prompts and training modes, Crayola Scoot is a doddle to pick up for any age fan of video games or the classic Crayola brand.

Liked & Loved {November 2018}

Each character is fully customisable from their gender, hair style and colour to the scooter that they ride. One of the most enjoyable aspects we found was the split-screen multiplayer mode where you can play against each other or as a team to paint the town however you like. Crayola Scoot is reminiscent of classic ‘Tony Hawk’ games with a very colourful twist in the idea and available on multi-platforms.

Liked & Loved {November 2018}

Morden Hall Park

On Dave’s birthday this month we went to Morden Hall Park. a National Trust park that is a five minute walk from where we used to live – yet we never went there. It was such a nice space to explore with the children and the weather was perfect, such a nice place to stretch your legs.

Liked & Loved {November 2018}

*Back to School Treats

At the end of half term Hasbro sent Troy a wonderful delivery to get him back in the swing of school. It had a personalised backpack, notebook and pencil case in which he has been using religiously since. As well as that it had some pocket money toys to keep him entertained. Lock Stars, Lost Kitties and Yellies all make great treats for children and are the sort of toys we give to reward doing well at school – going up a reading level, getting a star of the week award or having lovely feedback from a teacher. It was such a lovely surprise for him.

Liked & Loved {November 2018}


LP and I have now got a few sets of matching jumpers – and she loves it when we match. They all feature rainbows and it’s down to the fact that I can fit easily into age 15/16 clothes – so often buy from the children’s ranges as they are SO much cheaper than adults.

Liked & Loved {November 2018}


Clickbait is a party game all about ridiculous adverts on the internet. From Magic Diet Pills, Exploding Kittens card games and a Giant Family Slipper Clickbait has pulled together all the weird and wonderful ideas from across the world wide web and the amazing thing is that people really do click on these adverts, intrigued and interested in them.

Liked & Loved {November 2018}

Clickbait is all about writing trashy taglines for pointless products. Each round, the judge will chooses a Product Card and rolls five dice, which each display a single letter and players must now think of a short, snappy line to advertise the product, using the five letters on the dice to start each word. It’s a game that is more creative than Dobble but not as horrible as Cards Against Humanity but it is aimed at age 14+. We’ve really enjoyed playing this game and think it would be great with four or more players and played after a few drinks!


I’ve started running again. I hadn’t been properly since we came back from Florida and it wasn’t as you might think – I’m not a ‘bikini ready’ exerciser and I like to exercise to be healthy and feel better all year round, not just when I have skin on show. But, having half the summer away from work meant that when we came back I was snowed under but now that things have eased off – and all my Christmas gift guides are published – I can prioritise exercise and balance again. It feels good to be out running again – especially when the lake where I run looks like this at the moment.

Liked & Loved {November 2018}

*Squire’s Christmas Circus

We were invited to this year’s Christmas Circus at Squire’s Garden Centre and we all really enjoyed it. There were so many acts and all the fun and entertainment of a full circus – I think we all came away wanting to learn trapeze!

Liked & Loved {November 2018}

Kenilworth Castle

We went to Kenilworth Castle with Colette and her kids last weekend and had such a nice day. There was space for the children to run around and explore and Colette and I got a really lovely catch up too. It was such a great day.

Liked & Loved {November 2018}

And that is pretty much our November. Lots of time spent outside and lots of time inside too – playing games, watching movies and just enjoying time together. It’s been a really lovely month and I’m now looking forward to December. How has your November been?

Liked & Loved {November 2018}

Some of the items featured in this post were provided for us to feature. I've added a * next to those items for reference.



  1. December 3, 2018 / 6:56 am

    I bet you love that you managed to get matching pjs with stars this year! πŸ™‚ Sounds like a lovely month.

    Stevie x

    • December 3, 2018 / 9:42 am

      Yes! It’s all about the stars πŸ™‚ x

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