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It’s often hard to pick the perfect holiday, with so many countries, so many different holiday types and just so many options. Finding your dream holiday can be like finding a needle in a haystack but now, thanks to Explore, finding the perfect holiday can be so much easier.

Let your Brainwaves choose your Perfect Holiday with Explore #explorethemoment

I was invited to an Explore pop up stand in a local shopping centre so they could show me their latest technology designed to help everyone find the holidays of their dreams – often without realising it’s where they would really love to go.

Explore have produced emotion-tracking software to help people like me choose our ideal holiday type – from walking and cycling to cultural trips or wildlife based adventures. The bespoke software harnesses a technique known as electroencephalography, or EEG, which tracks our emotional reactions to visual stimuli. So I got to sit in a comfy chair with a funky headset on whilst watching a video montage of different Explore holidays. The video had everything from arctic adventures to cycling through cities, beautiful jungle waterfalls and cultural monuments and it was really lovely to watch.

Let your Brainwaves choose your Perfect Holiday with Explore #explorethemoment

After watching, my subconscious reactions to the videos were translated into a graph, showing which holidays were most appealing to me. It was really interesting as, throughout the video, I felt quite relaxed and happy – just the thought of a break away to some of the exotic locations made me feel better on a miserable January day.

But, I was noticeably more excited  and engaged about cultural and scenic breaks than I was about walking and cycling holidays – which is true, I would rather relax and take it easy on holiday than do a cycling tour, something I have always thought was just too energetic for me!

Let your Brainwaves choose your Perfect Holiday with Explore #explorethemoment

The Explore technology suggested Indonesia or Nepal as two potential holiday destinations for me – both have lots of culture, so much to do and great landscapes too. They are places I probably wouldn’t have thought of before and it has spurred me on to start planning our next holiday – and looking at destinations outside of the package holiday box too.

Let your Brainwaves choose your Perfect Holiday with Explore #explorethemoment

With this technology Explore want to remove the risk of disappointment for anyone planning a holiday and reintroduce the fun back into the holiday planning process, removing any associated stress that people may have when they look to book their next big travel adventure.

As a family we do love a holiday, and having only had one previous overseas holiday last summer as a family we have pretty much the whole world to discover together. Explore has some fantastic family holidays to some pretty incredible countries – and if we book before the end of the month we get free Merlin Annual passes too – a great offer that means our adventure can last all year.

Explore has opened our eyes to more than just a package holiday where family travel is concerned. I’m now looking at tropical cruises, jungle adventures, safaris and a chance to introduce the children to so much culture. I cannot wait to see where our next adventure takes us.

Let your Brainwaves choose your Perfect Holiday with Explore #explorethemoment

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  • Oh I love this idea, it’s so futuristic! Brilliant holiday destinations that it suggested to you too, I’d love to go to Indonesia and Nepal. I’d love to have a go at this!